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Beatrice the Little Green Girl was born in Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu, not far from the country's only airport. One of the most endangered countries on the planet, Tuvalu a nation of six atolls and three islands is located in the South Pacific Ocean close to New Zealand and Samoa.

Because of the nation's low elevation (4.5 meters at the highest), the people of Tuvalu face constant flooding especially during high tide.

Tuvalu's crisis has been covered in several films about climate change and more recently in the 2010 documentary and companion book titled "Climate Refugees."                 

Located on Fongale Island, Funafuti is both the atoll the capital of Tuvalu. Fongafale has four villages which account for almost half of Tuvalu's population. The island is the governmental and economic center of Tuvalu.
It is the country's most populous town since the effects of the seasonal "King Tides" is less severe there than on the other islands in this nation.

One of Tuvalu's unique revenue streams is the domain name for the country .tv. The domain name is popular with online registration since .tv is an abbreviation for television.

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