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    Aeroponics - Growing plants in an air or mineral mist environment without the use of soil.
    Learn more about aeroponics at NASA.


    Billion Tree Campaign - The United Nations' campaign that has planted 12 billion trees around the world.
     Learn how you can get started today visit the UN's campaign.

     Buy Local - Is a campaign or movement to keep the economic activity of a community viable by the purchase
     of services or products from locally-owned businesses. Buying Local is also better for the health of the
     planet because of the small carbon footprint.


    Car Sharing

     Carbon Footprint - The term used to describe the amount of carbon emissions created by a motor,
     factory, or other fossil fuel sourced production. For example: a bicycle has a smaller carbon footprint
     then a combustion engine car does.

     Climate Refugee - People forced to migrate their home country due to harmful changes to their
     local environment such as drought, floods or rising tides.

     Community Garden






    Earth Day - Beatrice and her forest friends planted pine trees and maples for the
     United Nation's Billion Tree Campaign.

     Electric Vehicle - Beatrice, Myles, and her family took Morrie the Electric Truck to the Madison Flower Market.


    Fair Trade - A social movement that helps producers and farmers in poor countries sell their
     products and crafts directly to consumers in "developed" countries for a "Living Wage."
     See Fair indigo or SERRV International to help
     these producers today!


    Gray Water - Waste Water left over from washing dishes in the kitchen sink, bathroom (sink, shower, tub),
     washing floors, and laundering clothes. This water can be reused or recycled with little or no treatment for
     watering your plants or gardens, and other non-potable uses.
     Beatrice writes about gray water in her daily, green journal.


    Hoop House - An inexpensive, easy-to-build greenhouse with ribs made from bent metal piping
     and covered withplastic often heated by decomposing compost.
     Beatrice's wrote in her green journal about cheap, alternative greenhouses in Hoophouses & Hand Baskets.

     Human Powered

     Hydroponics - A soil-less environment for growing plants via the use of a nutrient based solution.
     Beatrice writes in her green journal about hyrdoponics in My Hydroponic Garden.


    Invasive Species - Animals or plants not native to the aquatic or land communities that they reside.



    King Tide - Tides above average height which are often seasonal but now with climate changes
     can occur more frequently. The country of Tuvalu is often susceptible to King Tides.


    Living Wage - Monetary compensation for working in production or service providing a worker
     the ability to ;pay for all basic living amenities such as food, shelter, health, clothing and education.

     Locally Made - Products which are produced or originate from a community or region close
     to the final marketplace.



    Native Plants - Plants which reside in a local community that were not transported to their environment by
     humans or other means.



    Permaculture - Using plants or animals for food which only require renewable, sustainable inputs.



    Recycling - Taking a product and reusing the materials from which it is composed of.



    Solar Cookers - An outdoor cooking device which heats food in a pot via the sun and a reflective enclosure.
     Beatrice writes in her daily journal about her Solar cooker.





    UNCC - United Nations Climate Change

     Upcycle - To use an old worn out product in a new manner. For Example: an old boot used as a planter.


    Vertical Farm - The use of shelving or successive floors in a building (possibly in a urban setting) to grow
     produce eliminating the need for extensive farm lands.


     Waste Water - Please see Gray Water entry above.